Favorite Place to Travel

Traveling is fun as it gives you time to relax and free your mind far from the hustles of every day. With so many places to go, interacting with nature can be mind-blowing and can’t be compared to anything else. Lying north of Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is heaven on earth, a paradise that is yet to be explored completely. Here you get to see nature at its best ranging from wildlife, bird species, good hotels, sunsets, and many more activities. It’s an extensive Savanna Grassland lying close to the equator making Serengeti a place you can’t avoid going to enjoy.

The first reason why it's the

The first reason why it’s the best destination ever is the annual wildebeest migration. If you’ve ever heard of the great wildebeest migration then here is where they are found. This spectacular movement occurs between the months of July and October where a group of two million gazelles, wildebeest, zebras cross the Mara River into Masai Mara searching for green pastures to feed on. The movement is spectacular watching from sides as they cross a heavily infested Mara river filled with crocodiles ready to pounce on weaker ones. It usually takes about a week for all of them to cross into the Mara plains.

Favorite Place to Travel

Wildlife is another feature that makes Serengeti a place to visit in your lifetime. There are several wildlife species ranging from the big five such as Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes as well as Leopards. Lying on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, different gazelles such as Thompson gazelles graze overlooking the plains. Serengeti overflows with different bird species which are over 600 ready to be viewed by arriving tourists. Almost all different kinds of primates are available ranging from monkeys, to baboons all making up the Serengeti ecosystem. Be sure to visit Lake Natron found inside the park to view its red algae content.

When it comes to beautiful sceneries, the Plains of the National Park takes it all. Consisting of grasslands and woodland stretching into the endless horizon, where you get to have spectacular views. The Great Rift Valley which stretches from the Red Sea also reaches Tanzanian plains where its hills and valleys are good scenery to view. Grasslands make up most of the Park up to beautiful valleys which is a view you’d not want to miss. It’s good to carry a camera so that you capture all these moments. Photography is something you’ll not want to miss out on.

Another common feature in this National Park is the presence of Hot Air balloons. This is the most wonderful feeling when it comes to the plains of this Park. Observing wildlife from above gives you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening beneath something you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll be floating in the air while Buffaloes are grazing down there minding their own business. Seeing endless valleys down the pains gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Hot Air balloon ride costs 500 dollars, and you’re good to go. Again, watching sunsets from above makes the whole experience be on another level as you will see it deep into horizons.