Japan, Travel Destination of Choice

Japan is an island country located on the East Coast of Asia. It comprises four main islands, and the most populated Megacity is in the Greater Tokyo area. Japan is known to have the second-highest life expectancy, and 69% is covered in forest, there are numerous active volcanoes in Japan. The culture of this country cannot be found in any other part of the world. Their culture is a blend of Western and Eastern traditions with modernity that can be seen everywhere. Japan is among the oldest yet most civilized and beautiful with a diverse history.

A breathtaking, stunning, plus diverse scenery is what all Japanese appreciate most. These views offer different experiences that attract tourists from all corners of the universe. The following are the best reasons as to why you should make a trip to this great place. The pristine natural scenery is obviously the first thing you could notice when you visit this great island. It is home to most of the best natural sceneries there is. Japan is a nature lovers paradise, and you definitely notice these countries’ beauty once you step out of its high-end store, shopping malls, including advanced technology.

This virtue makes Japanese people really

From the white pristine beaches of Okinawa to Hokkaido’s wilderness, Japan’s nature is incredibly diverse. The rocky coastlines, rugged mountains, white beaches, and bamboo forests are some of nature’s beauty to be enjoyed in Japan all year round. Mount Fuji is another famous tourist attraction site, and it is not just a mountain, but a sacred place held especially by Japanese citizens. Japan is believed to be the safest island, with an extremely low crime rate.

This virtue makes Japanese people really proud, and visitors can walk around the cities, even at night, without any worries or fear. They usually leave their doors unlocked their kids travel safely on the subway without being accompanied by a grownup. This owes to their cultural belief, always prioritize their common good above their needs. You can easily fall asleep on the train or buses without worrying about your wallet.

Japan, Travel Destination of Choice

When you forget something in hotels, make sure you go back, it is likely that someone took it and kept it safe. Another thing that makes Japan a good travel destination is its incredible food. The place attracts millions of people every year to experience their authentic food prepared and served with a lot of class. When you get an opportunity to visit, make sure to try street food like Kaiseki food. This essentially means a traditional form of cuisine that has evolved over a period of a thousand years.

They usually use ingredients that cannot be found in other parts of the world, making their food delicious to taste their traditional drinks. Another tourist attraction in Japan is its beautiful shrines, temples, not forgetting Zen gardens. There are an estimated 80,000 shrines and temples of all sizes, with some being over 1,000 years old. Visit Zen gardens plus the Buddhist temples you will experience how magical and peaceful these places are.

Japanese are the most friendly people, and their behavior is entirely different from other individuals. People here have an attitude of not disturbing in any way possible. Japanese are respectful, always ready to help you in all ways possible despite the language barrier experienced. Efficient public transportation makes Japan a good travel destination. Their public transportation is quite outstanding, especially when you are in the big city, their system is super incredible. It is really notable how fast you can travel from one part of the city to the other within a short period of time.

The famous Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train, can take you to all parts of the country. The train has frequent departure times throughout the day and night, and it has extensive high speed with a great network. You can find many thrilling experiences in this country, and it could be cycling along the Seto Inland Sea or snowboarding in Hokkaido, the options for thrill-seekers are endless. Japan hosts numerous events for anyone to enjoy visiting this beautiful country. Make arrangements to visit this beautiful place and enjoy incredible views, including a cool homely stay.