Taiwan Is a Good Travel Destination

Taiwan is a country found in East Asia, which was a former colony of modern-day China. The country has a total area of about 36 808 square kilometers. The country is highly mountainous, Making it a famous tourist destination across the globe. As of 2018, the country’s total population stood at 23 million people. Such figures make Taiwan a populated country in the region after China’s mainland. When it comes to tourism destinations in Asia, it’s hard not to mention Taiwan as it’s the heart of tourism. Taiwan is a good travel destination if you’re hoping to spend good quality time away from your home.

The first thing to do in Taiwan is taking a survey of the great city using an elevator. The world’s tallest elevator is found in Taiwan, and taking a ride in it will be an unforgettable experience. Taiwan’s longest elevator has a total of 90 flours, giving you an endless ride upward. Here you can survey an entire city by simply using an elevator that goes up to the clouds. The views around Taiwan are unforgettable, which gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

You can also visit the night

Another reason Taiwan is a good tourist destination is that you can visit various museums in the city. A good example of a museum to visit is National Palace Museum located in Taiwan city. It’s famously known for over 700 000 artifacts collected from surrounding regions of Taiwan. Here you can learn more about Taiwan’s history, its people, and how they lived many years ago. You can also take pictures of some artifacts which are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. All artifacts around here represent a deep culture of the citizen, each of them telling its story.

You can also visit the night markets which Taiwan is well known for. Night markets in Taiwan are known for different cuisines where they offer various foods to their tourists. As a fan of street foods, then night markets of Taiwan are where to go. They offer marine dishes from lobsters, crabs to all sorts of junk foods needed in the street. You can enjoy roasted meat that is readily available for you to buy. Carry enough money so that you can enjoy street foods because it has to get enough of the local taste. Nighttime is the best time to enjoy these special foods made by the locals, and the best place to do it is in Taiwan.

Taiwan Is a Good Travel Destination

One thing about the residents of the city is their deep roots in religion. Taiwan has temples of worship that have been there for over 400 years. Residents use these temples to offer their prayers from time to time. Songshan Temple is famously known by the residents because tourists arrive there every day to view it. Religious activities such as Buddhism and Daoism are done in this temple of worship hence bringing tourists.

All these activities show that Taiwan is a good tourist destination in Asia. You can undertake these activities while enjoying yourselves as the city has so many places to visit.