Uzbekistan a Good Travel Destination

Located in Central Asia, this Islamic country is a nation filled with magical places that tourists enjoy visiting. Uzbekistan has been named as the cradle of Islamic religion based on architectural structures available. Ancient trade routes which passing through Uzbekistan from the Mediterranean region to China are found here. Islamic schools dating back to the 10th century are found in Uzbekistan making the country a good tourism destination. There are several historical sites, mausoleums that tell the story of how residents of Uzbekistan used to live in Ancient history. Here are reasons why Uzbekistan is a good travel destination if you’re looking forward to going there.

The country has beautiful cities and the main one to visit is Tashkent which is the capital city. Your trip to Uzbekistan will be incomplete if you don’t plan on visiting the capital city. One advantage of Tashkent is the presence of an international airport that makes traveling easier than you’ll land right in the capital city. Tashkent is listed as the wealthiest city in Central Asia based on the rich diversity of cultures. Islamic architecture makes the city a place of magic where mosques have exquisite designs that the eye can’t resist. Additionally, be sure to visit Independence Square to chill and have a view Tashkent.

Similarly, your trip will be incomplete

Another reason why Uzbekistan is a good travel destination is the presence of historical sites. History is important to any country because of the stories they tell about cultural diversity. Historical sites make Uzbekistan a place to visit where they are as old as 1000 years. Old. State Museum History found in Tashkent has artifacts ranging from statues, old age tools, weapons, and many others. These ancient architecture has made cities especially Samarkand to be named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Such features are rare, and having a glimpse of them adds flavor to your travel.

Similarly, your trip will be incomplete without a visit to Khiva, a city in Uzbekistan. The place has a rich history where caravans used to pass here from the Mediterranean heading towards the far East. UNESCO has named Khiva a World Heritage Site this upgrading the city status. Slaves were sold here and also brought in from different countries making the city an ancient slave trade route. Residents of the city are known for weaving where you’ll find many weaving workshops, and you can buy one for memories. The city feels like a museum for buildings span 100 years, and is still being used by residents.

Uzbekistan a Good Travel Destination

Lake Charvak makes Uzbekistan a good travel destination where you’ll go and have a moment of your life. The lake has deep blue waters located within desert mountains. Having a ride in a boat across the lake is fun while experiencing this moment of a lifetime. Tourists from China enjoy sunbathing along the banks since their nation is cold most of the time. A solo lake found in a desert is something unforgettable basing on the fact that this lake never dries.

Visiting Uzbekistan will not be in vain if you have the nation written on your bucket list. Pack up your bags and get ready to go to Uzbekistan for a lifetime experience.